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About Christina Suter

Christina L Suter, Professional Real Estate Coach and Mentor

About Us

As the founder and lead consultant of Ground Level Consulting, Christina L. Suter brings two decades of real-world experience as a serial small business owner and real estate investor. She developed her extensive financial and operational skills firsthand as she faced and overcame the challenges and demands of small business ownership while developing an extensive real estate portfolio.

In 2002, Christina made the decision to leverage her experience into helping other small business owners and real estate investors. Ground Level Consulting is a consulting practice that works the way an entrepreneur works, dealing with the pressing problems of a business on the ground level and in real time.

Since launching Ground Level, Christina has provided support throughout southern California and the western United States to numerous small businesses and real estate investors at all levels as they moved beyond surviving to thriving. Additionally, Christina has enjoyed a successful personal history of real estate investing and portfolio management, having invested over $15 million in assets in her career.

This success and the success of her consulting practice encouraged Christina to share her experience and approach by founding Ground Level Investor. Ground Level Investor, which focuses on helping clients develop and manage real estate investments that support personal values and contribute to financial success.

Christina's solid background and education--including a Bachelor’s degree in Business, an Associate’s in teaching, and a Masters in Psychology--strongly influence her work with Ground Level clients. Not only does she have a keen insight into successful business and investing strategies, but she teaches the personal and professional skills needed to promote growth and opportunity. And, she does this in a warm, supportive, non-judgmental way that is always highly respectful of personal values. 

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