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Ground Level Real Estate Consulting’s founder, Christina L. Suter, gained real estate investing experience during the last 25 years by investing in over $15 million in real estate with over 300 doors. In 2002, Christina’s experience, education and training, and desire to contribute to the success of others, led her to launch Ground Level Consulting as a means to share her expertise. Through Christina, GL RE Investing is dedicated to the win-win philosophy of investing, where a strategy is right when everyone benefits. Today, GL RE is helping investors at every level in their investing career to optimize, maximize, and fully realize investing success.

Ground Level takes a unique approach to real estate investing by recognizing the personal nature of investing and the deep connection real estate investing has with an investor’s lifestyle. Ground Level offers highly qualified real estate investment services, customized for each investor’s situation and goals. Our approach employs training, guidance, and perspective to design and execute a personal investing strategy that complements lifestyle and targets objectives. Ground Level’s clients receive the tools, knowledge, and support they need to start their career in real estate investing or elevate the performance of existing investments.

Ground Level strongly believes that its ability to provide the highest level of service to its clients is based on full disclosure and side by side support. As independent consultants, conflict of interest is never a concern because of our fee-based structure and our service philosophy. Ground Level is solely focused on the real estate investment success of our clients.

At Ground Level, investing success is measured by more than profit alone. Success is also measured by personal balance and rewards such as control over lifestyle and peace of mind with one’s investments.

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