Investor Services

Ground Level Consulting focuses on helping clients develop and manage real estate investments that support personal values and builds financial success. Ground Level works with investor clients to strengthen their understanding and mastery of successful investment management and performance.

Investor Profile

We work to identify the level of risk, reward, and engagement that supports your investment and lifestyle goals.
Portfolio Analysis – We analyze the performance of your current assets and evaluate management efficiency.

Strategy Review/Development

We work to determine if your current investments align with your objectives and vision and examine how various opportunities might better influence results.

Due Diligence /Vetting

We have a strength in researching and evaluating investment opportunities based on the criteria of feasibility of return on investment, viability of management (including background checks if appropriate), central elements of location (neighborhood/regional), type of investment, and potential or visible concerns. The result is an assessment to determine whether a particular investment is right and secure for the investor and the portfolio. Portfolio Management – As needed for our existing clients, we can manage your portfolio to assist and support you in special situations. Portfolio Maintenance – This is a bi-annual, in-depth review of performance, management, and continued viability of portfolio assets in relation to life stage, needs, and economic market shifts.

Portfolio Repositioning

We perform a full-spectrum review and target underperforming or problem elements of the portfolio by identifying specific aspects within the portfolio or team that is hindering performance and causing distress. A strategic plan is developed to address and remediate the issues focusing on a portfolio that allows for an improved long-term management experience and maximizes portfolio return.

Portfolio Optimization

Our comprehensive program evaluates every asset and element of the portfolio for optimum performance. We then develop and execute a strategy that focuses on innovating to achieve maximized returns, increased management effectiveness, and enhanced investor satisfaction and security. The program includes:

  • Profile / Strategy Review
  • Analysis / Repositioning
  • Administration / Management Remediation
  • Safeguard Support –Single investment or Management Unit

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