New Investor Services

Ground Level Consulting focuses on helping clients develop and manage real estate investments that support personal values and builds financial success. New investor clients learn how to develop a portfolio that meets their unique needs, understand and navigate the components and process of real estate investing, and successfully manage investment performance.

New Investor Training 
(Teleseminars, Seminars)

New Investor training is an 8-part instructional series offered on a re-occurring basis throughout the year. The series components lead the new investor through the range of steps involved in creating and managing a successful real estate investment portfolio. This training addresses both direct and passive ownership.

Inner Circle Mentorship
(Semi-private training sessions)

We believe there is an exponential growth that comes from support and shared experience with peers. Our semi-private training sessions guide and encourage new investors to expand their understanding through the contributions and challenges of group members.

New Investor Coaching
(Individual components of our Mentorship Program)

Individualized, specific coaching in areas where a new investor feels the need for focused support and guidance.

Quick Start Mentorship Program - Portfolio Placement
The Quick Start Mentorship program is designed for new investors interested in acquiring an initial, limited portfolio as the starting point of their real estate investing career. We provide concentrated mentoring through the development of the unique investment strategy, portfolio design, and asset acquisition.

New Investor Mentorship Program – Extensive Portfolio Placement
Our comprehensive program that provides all of the elements to promote and support a successful career in real estate investing. We guide the new investor through each step of the process to create and manage a real estate portfolio designed to complement lifestyle, meet goals, and build wealth.

  • Investor Profile Development
  • Personal Portfolio Design
  • Team Selection
  • Strategic Implementation
  • Administrative Skill Building (Team and Performance Management)
  • Safeguard Support
  • Financial Management
  • Portfolio Review and Analysis
  • Inner Circle Mentorship

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