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Common Real Estate Coaching Questions

"At Ground Level we recognize and value the personal rewards and costs of real estate investing. We support your success in managing the process and results through training, mentoring, and customized investment services."

What is real estate investment advisement?

To us, REIA is a comprehensive service that provides investors with the advice and guidance they need to determine the best real estate assets to meet their investment objectives.  It begins with developing an investment profile that focuses on wealth goals and lifestyle choices and continues through building and managing a targeted portfolio.

How does the consulting work?

Developing a successful real estate portfolio is generally a 3-6 month process. It begins with a few strategic weekly meetings to determine objectives, risk tolerance, and level of engagement. The ground work is laid with the development of the investor profile, asset class review, and investment plan design. The process continues with team selection and investment acquisition.

What if I already own real estate?

Ground Level can help you to determine if your portfolio is performing for you the way you need it to perform. We start with developing your investor profile, schedule of real estate and net worth, and then generate a performance analysis for each asset and the portfolio itself. Based on the information developed, we work with you to decide what factors are influencing the success of your investments and how to maximize your portfolio performance and minimize your stress. Your portfolio needs to work for YOU.

Is there ongoing support?

Ground Level understands that successful real estate investing is a commitment that doesn't conform to a set schedule, nor should it. GL is with you every step of the way. Not just for initial portfolio design or redesign, but with you at each stage of the process including the placing of capital and bi-annual reviews. If your portfolio undergoes changes later, we re-engage our intensive work with you to help ensure that you continue to maximize returns and maintain lifestyle balance. We’re also committed to helping guide you in managing your investments should your needs change.

What does it cost?

Every investor has unique goals and ideas for building wealth. We have found that in general, the services needed to define and execute an investment strategy can be very effective when provided in a customized program package. Program package pricing can range from $2,000 to $5,000 on average. Individual needs and the complexity of the work does factor into costs as well. Ground Level also offers non-package, per hour pricing when a program isn’t necessary. Our services are tailored to our clients’ goals.

What if I just have a few questions?

We like to meet and speak with people interested in real estate investing. We’re happy to schedule an introductory session to discuss your position and goals. An introductory session also helps us determine how we can best provide value to you in meeting your objectives.

What if I only need advisement on one aspect of my portfolio?

Ground Level recognizes that concerns about investing can be big or small. We also know they are integral to performance and success. We work with you to get a clear understanding of investing and lifestyle goals and the financial picture as a whole to determine the best way to move forward and resolve any issues. We focus on developing financial and investment strategies on any scale that are balanced against your personal needs and your portfolio as a whole. We work with you on a single element or any range of elements that need attention.

What makes Ground Level different from other Real Estate advisors?

We are solely and completely focused on your needs for your portfolio. As fee based advisors we are loyal only to you and your goals. We do not receive fees or any other compensation from your investment activity. We believe it is important to avoid any potential conflict of interest and to safeguard the trust and success of our clients. We are currently one of only a few fee-based Real Estate advisers in the United States.

Can Ground Level work with clients outside of the Los Angeles Area?

Yes. Ground Level works with anyone looking to invest or currently invested in US Real Estate. We have personal experience in investments from Hawaii to Virginia and are comfortable with markets across the United States. We also have successful experience working with international clients and do not consider geographical distance an obstacle to delivering exceptional, customer success focused investment services.

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