Mastermind: Fundamentals of Real Estate Investing

Are you new to real estate investing? Are you overwhelmed or wondering which one of those shiny objects seem like a good investment deal? Is this the right place to start? Are you concerned, but want to make sure the deals you choose reserve your capital while also giving you a return on your income?

This course is built specifically for the new investor. It is built to answer the question's where do I start, is this a good deal, and how to insure it’s safe? This course work is presented in 1 series. The class will focus on the questions mentioned above and importantly what will make you happy while maximizing your returns?

It takes you from the beginning of an investor profile until you identify your first acquisition. This class will also take you from purchasing your acquisition through maintaining your return on investments. It will also introduce you to taking care of problems, managing your mangers and doing year reviews to insure you are hitting your target.

Series 1 begins 

  • Get up and running as an investor 
  • Investor Profile Development
  • Personal Portfolio Design
  • Due diligence in state
  • Identification of out of state investments
  • Team Selection
  • Acquisition process

Series 2 

  • Strategic Implementation
  • Team and Performance Management
  • Turning a problem investment around
  • Return on the whole portfolio 
  • Safeguard Support and syndication verification 
  • Financial Management tools
  • Portfolio Review and reinvest. 

We’ll cover topics including:

What it takes to become an investor The fundamentals on how to get started and what is best for youclarifying your vision and seeing how to make it realStep by step instruction and individualized portfoliosHitting your target and more

Cost: $697

Early bird $497

Included with the Webinar Series:

Bonus 1: Recordings of each presentation in the seriesBonus 2: Group Q&A with you and your fellow studentsBonus 3: Individualized calls for maximum portfolio preparation

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Master Class: Fundamentals of Real Estate Investing

Founder and Director of Ground Level Consulting, Christina Suter has developed this new webinar series “Real Estate Investing: Practical Education for the New Investor.” The webinar course focuses on helping you build the core skills a successful Real Estate investor needs. The instruction is simple, direct, and highly effective and will give you the tools you need to start your journey in investing in the right way.

Whether you directly own your own property, or are buying into a syndicated passive investment, Christina gives you the basics of what you need to know!