An Interview with Brent Kesler

By Christina Suter on Feb 01, 2020 at 09:00 AM in Real Estate Issues
An Interview with Brent Kesler

I met Brent Kesler and the Think Realty conference and was amazed by what he had to say. I invited him to speak at my FIBI Pasadena meeting and he also agreed to participate in my Ask Christina First Radio Show. 

Brent began as a chiropractor and was a chiropractic coach for 14 years. After implementing the Money Multiplier Method Brent was able to pay off $984,711 in 3rd party debt in 39 months without having to work any harder, change his cash flow nor take any additional risks. Kesler became so passionate about the method that he began to teach it and started the Money Multiplier. Kesler owned and sold five chiropractic clinics and accrued a lot of debt. At a chiropractic conference in 2006, he heard about the infinite banking concept and how to become your own banker based on a book by R. Nelson Nash. Thinking the information was too good to be true, Brent did nothing with that information. Upon arriving at another conference a year and a half later and ten to twelve of his colleagues, who were at the conference the year before, were asking him about how great the infinite banking concept was working for them and how they were building wealth. Brent thought, there has to be something to this, there's no way ten to twelve of my colleagues are lying to me. Brent went home after the 2008 conference and told his wife they had to start implementing the concept.

By adding one step in his financial life, Brent was able to pay off the nearly 1 million dollars of debt which came from student loans, houses, clinics, a boat, a wave runner, and a private jet. Brent's chiropractic mentor was coaching people on the sales and advertising portion of the business. His coach couldn't handle the number of members he had so he asked Brent to help take on coaching some of the members. While talking to chiropractors about their patients and practice, Brent also talked to them about their money and shared what he was doing with his money. When visiting the office where Brent started his banking program one day, his advisor realized Brent had referred him forty-one people and encouraged Brent to start doing for others what he was coming to his advisor for help with. Brent says now he just tells stories and he says his purpose in life is to share this concept with as many people as he can. Brent was licensed to teach the concept in 2012 and now has 2300 nationwide clients. 

The entire process Brent speaks of is built around whole life insurance in a mutual company that pays dividends. The policy is a specifically engineered policy designed for high cash value; it's not a typical whole life policy, but it is a whole life policy in a mutual company that pays dividends that has an immediate (within the first 30 days) cash value. Because of its immediate availability, you can use the money inside of your policy to pay your debts and expenses that you're paying anyway. You only have to add one step in your financial life to increase your financial wealth. The concept is based around using a mutual company, so you are the owner of the policy, it's not a stock company or one with shareholders who have first rights-- you have first rights to your money. The concept has been around for over 200 years, it's how Walt Disney started Disneyland, how Ray Kroc started McDonald's and how The Pampered Chef began before Warren Buffet purchased it. 

Robert Kiyosaki's book, 'Second Chance' is about turning liabilities into assets and that's what Brent teaches. In chapter 5.2 of 'Master the Money Game' by Tony Robbins he talks about this same concept. What we're doing is mimicking what the wealthy do. The only difference between us and the super-wealthy, Brent says, is they use the tools differently than we do. 

I asked Brent to explain how this concept works so beautifully in real estate. 

"So when you go out and you buy a property you take the money and give it to whoever is selling the property. Now the seller has the money and you have the property, but how about if there's a way that when you go buy the property, you give him the money and he gives you the property, but there's a system or method to get all the money back for the property you just bought. How about if you go do a remodel on a project, you have to lay the money out to get those services done. But what if there were a way to put the money out, get the services done, and get the money back? We're recycling and regenerating money the same way the super-wealthy do. Whenever we use the money in the policy, whenever we use the cash value in the policy, we're not using our cash value, what we do, is we put our policy up for collateral, we take a loan from the general fund of the insurance company, and that money is continuing to grow as if it was all in there, so there's no interruption of compounding." 

The money you're borrowing is earning you interest as you're borrowing it. Brent says he has 19 policies-- he opens at least one new policy every year and puts just under a $500,000 into his own. Brent says that when most people think about life insurance they think, I need to have enough life insurance on myself because if something happens to me I need to make sure my family is protected, which is absolutely true. However, you can use your living benefits today, while you're living. You can use the benefits today and still have a ton of money to pass on to our children and future generations. We are using our good dollars today and pay them back with weaker dollars in the future.

I asked Brent what the hardest moment in his financial life, how he solved it, and how it helped him grow. "As a kid my dad was a traveling salesman. I was pulled out of high school in 10th grade and never finished high school so when I wanted to go to chiropractic school the counselor laughed at me because I didn't have a high school education. I got a GED and it took me 13 trimesters to pass 10 trimesters of college. It took me an extra two years to open because I kept failing part 3 of the national board exams. I didn't get my license until two years after school. Growing up we didn't have a lot of money as a family and I remember having to choose to pay rent for our apartment of my dad's vacuum cleaner store. Sometimes all we had to eat were hush puppies. I never wanted to get back to that position again. I had more student loans than most because of how long it took me to graduate and I wanted to get off of this financial hamster wheel. When I saw the opportunity working for my colleagues I knew I needed to get on board and get disciplined." Brent says he always knew he had to work and hustle hard because he wanted to make sure he could survive. He never wanted to get to the point where he couldn't provide for himself or those around him. 

I asked Brent if he feels financially free and he says yes, that's the way it looks but in his mind he still thinks, what happens if all of this goes away or if something has. He says because he's pretty disciplined (he doesn't spend more than he earns) and because he has set himself up in a way that even if the income stops he knows he'd be ok.

Brent's website, has an hour and a half video presentation you can watch for free. Scroll to the very bottom of the page, click Member Area and enter the password bankwithbrent to watch it. The video is also broken down into 10 parts and you can also download the presentation using the link on the right.

Brent Kesler's mantra-- still freeing families from financial failure.

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