Real Estate Marketing with J. Massey

By Christina Suter on May 27, 2017 at 07:44 AM in Business Issues
Real Estate Marketing with J. Massey

J. Massey's company provides clean, safe, and affordable housing to people who need it when it maters most. He is an entrepreneur, master problem solver, investor, real estate developer, and a father and husband. I spoke with J. on my Ask Christina First Radio Show about Real Estate Marketing.

I asked J why marketing is important for business and real estate?

"Every time this topic comes up I find it interesting that the two are separate; real estate is business. To promote means to make it known and the goal is to make it known that you are in the real estate business."

Take advantage of emerging trends J says. Learn how to build systems and teams that allow you to focus on things like marketing. Everything comes down to perspective and sales and service are put into the same category. Sales is just the process of deepening the relationship that says ‘here’s how I’m going to serve you in exchange for something I think is of value’. You need relationships that balance, so there must be give and take to make it work, but if I don’t sell you something, I can’t serve you.

Learn to listen to what the marketplace wants and what the person in front of you wants. Most importantly, today’s marketing is education based marketing, not interruption marketing. The theory of reciprocity is that if you give enough, you stay top of mind for people when they have a need for the product or service you offer. That takes time, but it’s worth it. If you’re looking to build something that has a shot at lasting, your #1 job is to learn sales, marketing, and communication over and over and over again.

You don’t have the right or permission to serve anyone if you don’t enter the conversation called I’m going to show you my product, which earns you the right to serve you.

How do you (J.) communicate, and on what platforms?

J says his company is big on podcasting and they also use Face book, twitter, and LinkedIn. What’s better than the platform is what’s being said he stated. We must learn to find out what the other person wants, because what they want is way more important than anything we are excited about in any transaction.

J. says the two best questions he's ever found will work for you are:

1. Have you ever considered getting involved in real estate investing? 
No matter what they say, follow that with, 2.“Really, why?”

Those questions and answers allow will you to have the right type of conversation with people. Begin the conversation with 'here’s why I have thoguht about it', and when they’re answering, they’re telling you what they may need to know more about. If they’re giving you reasons they haven’t thought about it, that allows you to give them the information they may be missing and need. Then, offer to help them, such as "here’s a free ebook to help you get started" or "Oh, you had a bad experience, here a video that can help you."

If it’s a one way conversation, like on a blog or in a video, provide listeners with an opportunity, if they’re interested, to give them a free ebook. It’s about building a relationship over time.

J has created an asset base, every blog post, video, and podcast is an asset for the company that works 24/7. And every one is a conversation he personally didn’t have to have. People listen and they get in touch if they’re interested and want to know more. We can be of more value to more people if more people know about us so we focused on smarter marketing.

The J. Massey team can be reached at (949) 682-7468 and ask for André. You can listen to his podcast at and you can get a free copy of his ebook at

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