An Interview with Andy Teasley

By Christina Suter on Sep 30, 2017 at 07:14 AM in Real Estate Issues
An Interview with Andy Teasley

This past week I interviewed Andy Teasley, self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and real estate investor. Andy is a regular at my FIBI meetings in Pasadena, California and he runs a volunteer organization called The Millionaire Makers the Next Generation, which he and others started to ensure real estate teachings didn't end when those before them left the business. Their mission is to train the next generation of educators with the hopes of teaching people to be teachers.

As an out-of-the-box thinker, Andy Teasley thinks of new ideas and works hard to bring them to fruition. Andy has built and run multiple small businesses and has been an investor for many years. He took his first “guru” real estate seminar in 1980 with Ione Young Grey and used his experience at those seminars to hone his teaching skills and to try to divert new investors into a local REIA instead of the high priced guru system.

I asked Andy about deals that can be done today with very little cash, something he specializes in and will be talking about in FIBI in October. He says it's possible that if you work hard and use some skills you can buy cash flowing rental properties, but probably no more than two per year. So he says he took a step back and his current project is a way to create notes at a huge discount. An example would be a product for $10,000 and he could turn around and sell that for $3,000 down and carry a $22,000 note at 9%. A nine percent yield these days are pretty good and the $22,000 note basis cost is only $8,000. As long as a note can be generated, Andy's system works on land and any product you can acquire and value-add without having to add cash to the deal. 

People who want an asset and can pay cash for that asset are a substantially smaller quantity of people than those who want an asset and are willing to commit a promise to pay and interest for that asset. Car dealers don't ask you how much do you want to pay for your new car, they ask you how much you can afford to pay every month because they're in the finance business. All the work is up front in finding a leverageable asset and getting control over that stream of income. 

Andy is happy to consult and can be reached at 760.343.2404 


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