IRA Trust Services' Belinda Savage

By Christina Suter on Oct 24, 2015 at 11:38 AM in Real Estate Issues
IRA Trust Services' Belinda Savage

IRA Trust Services was started by a rocket scientist who gave his all when it came to client services and has diversified offerings, including private stock offerings, IRA consulting, precious metals, intellectual property. Belinda entered Wall Street at 17, earned her degree while working and moved into the world of assets.

Alternative Investments

There are 26 asset classes defined by Markowitz and IRA trust holds 25 of them, so you can invest it international and domestic real estate, residential and commercial properties, private notes, private business, private equity, debt projects like the building of a bridge, intellectual property, etc. you can put all of those in your IRA.

For Belinda, she enjoys sharing her expertise with her clients and to help them to make wise choices and to protect their assets. Her passion is to help people self-direct and navigate the industry. She says people don’t realize they have choices due to fear and rumors by financial advisors and the media.

People believe it’s hard to move money from an independent company into a self-directed IRA. I asked Belinda to go expound on that and clarify some things.

“In so far as making sure you’re not crossing guidelines, you may not buy or sell from 3 sets of people that are within your beneficiary line. Those people include your parents, your spouse, or your children. But that exempts siblings, aunts, uncles, who are people you trust. So, if you were to purchase a duplex in Pasadena and you’re using money from your IRA. Let’s say you and your spouse are both investing in the duplex, you can both actually rent to a sibling and they can be watching over the property. So you have a means of having a security, you’re paying rent, which is going back into the IRA’s every month and might I add that you’re allowed to leverage those deposits with the IRA money with non-recourse loans.”

Belinda says that at IRA Services what they do is sit down every month and find out what items and what variables does the investor has so they understand how much money they’re working with, how many people are involved in the deal, and how do they move forward.

Is there a way to take my personal money and invest it with my IRA funds?

The one you want to avoid she says is having any personal benefit when using your tax deferred dollars in a project. So she usually tells investors to use 50% cash and 50% IRA money, and that way there’s no favoritism.

If you need more explanation on any IRA questions, feel free to contact Belinda. She’s available by phone at 650.995.4720 or email [email protected].

A free copy of the book, ‘Leverage Your IRA’ is available by emailing [email protected]. Tell him you heard Belinda on the radio and he’ll get it out to you.

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