FIBI Pasadena "The market, business trends and where its going" with Mark Latimer

By Christina Suter on Sep 28, 2015 at 12:11 PM in Real Estate Issues

Join other Pasadena-area real estate investors at our For Investors By Investors meeting (FIBI) held the third Thursday of each month at 7pm at Courtyard by Marriot, 180 North Fair Oaks Ave. Pasadena, CA. The Pasadena FIBI group provides an environment for active and informative peer discussions, expert presentations on relevant topics and networking. All FIBI meetings support a NO SELLING policy, allowing investors—whether seasoned or beginner—to be free to share their real estate passions without sales pitches.

Each Pasadena real estate FIBI meeting includes brief member introductions intended to identify areas of interest. This leads to the opportunity of industry experts presenting information and experiences on a variety of relevant topics. Open networking sessions are done to enhance the value of coming together to learn. Twice a year FIBI Pasadena includes an Economic update and a review of the current market conditions. Our meetings are fun and engaging, but most importantly informative and memorable.

FIBI Pasadena "The market, business trends and where its going" with Mark Latimer

This month’s speaker is Mark J Latimer, President and CEO of Baypointe Equity Group. Prior to founding Baypointe in 2006, Mr. Latimer was a senior executive member of several Management and Board Committees at Freddie Mac. Mr. Latimer joined Freddie Mac in 1988 and quickly became responsible for its “Collateralized Mortgage Obligation’’ (“CMO”) security which dominated the growth of the mortgage securities market in the early 1990’s. During his tenure at Freddie Mac, Mr. Latimer was head of the Capital Markets Division, which was responsible for all fixed income mortgage and corporate securities trading, sales and distribution, amounting to well over $500 billion. Mr. Latimer also oversaw the Freddie Mac $60 billion Mortgage Portfolio, and headed the Economic and Financial Research Group. 

Today, Mark and his partner, Bob Cash, run Baypointe Equity Group, a real estate investment and advisory firm. The Company is focused on serving Investors seeking conservative income and retirement strategies using safe, secure, and sound real estate structures (1st Trust Deeds), primarily held in their Self-Directed IRA portfolio’s. The Company provides Trust Deeds on large balance loans in California and small balance loans in Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, and Alabama. In addition, Baypointe is an owner of Income Rental Properties. Baypointe is licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate.

Mark will touch on the bullet points listed below:

  1. Market Timing – Where Are We In The Real Estate Cycle?
  2. Economic and Business Trends – What Is Likely For The Next 2 to 3 Years?
  3. Using Your Self-Directed IRA To Hold Trust Deed "Notes."What Makes A Good “Passive” Trust Deed Investment?

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