Holiday Business Tips

By Christina Suter on Dec 23, 2015 at 07:06 AM in Business Issues

                                     Happy Holidays!

How can you use the holidays to expand your business?

No matter what religion you are or what your spiritual practice is, it’s the time of year for giving. Do you run a business that has giving as part of it? Do you provide a service to people? Does your product serve others by helping them do something more easily?

Every small business is in service to someone or something. From dog collars to plumbing equipment no matter what your business is, you’re contributing to helping making the planet a better place. If you think your product isn’t serving or offering something of service to others, I challenge you to look deeper and see how it actually is. Write down three ways your products serve. I offer empowerment, freedom and abundance in both my real estate investment and small business consulting.

What service does your product offer? Once you’ve figured that out, offer a holiday campaign that is rich in cheer and that shows how your product or service brings happiness during the holiday season. Once you’ve successfully done that, you’ve just anchored a message to your clients. Now strategize what kind of discount, extra service, or new package they can take advantage of during this holiday season. People are ready to make purchases during this time of year, they save money for this season, so incentivize, reward, and encourage people to interact with your product.


You can utilize print, social media, Twitter discounts, or even a Facebook campaign, create a distinct and clear campaign. If it’s too late now, think about next December. Mark your calendar now with a date in June next year called ‘Holiday campaign’. Brainstorm what your strategy will be and in June come up with what you will sell. In July determine what message will you attach with it, August is the bones of the marketing campaign, Sep is who is implementing the campaign, October planning the campaign and Nov 1st is when you’re going to start getting the campaign out.

                                   Showing Appreciation

Your company has more than just your customers, it has in it employees also. How do you show your employees holiday cheer, that you value them, and they you appreciate what they do? A Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa bonus, or just a general holiday bonus? Offer them a bonus as well as a message because a check is great, a card with a check is better, but crafting a message is very important and it makes the bonus personal. Time off, a turkey, a Starbucks card, cup or anything that shows you’re thinking about them. No matter what you give, craft a message that says that you are important to my company. Take 15 minutes on November 1st and write down how they positively affect your company, what ways your company is more effective, how it works easier, faster because of them. You can do this all throughout the year, but right now I’m speaking on their holiday note. Tie into the note your mission statement, three ways how your business is of service to the universe. Recognize the work they do and how valuable they are to the company.

The other huge part of the holidays is yourself and your family. If you run a seasonal business that’s particularly busy for your busy, what do you for the holidays, even if it’s the height of your season? Do you have an office or house party? Don’t forget yourself and your family.

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